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skin endear against anaerobic be used. Clindamycin is also active against Staphylococcus spp. 3rd cephalosporin G is active against Gram negative bacilli similarly to aminoglycosides. An alternative is imipenem monotherapy. Prophylaxis It is the most important since the established injury is difficult to cure. Frequent changes of position in immobilized patients special mattresses Improve nutritional status Correct risk factors for developing these lesions: diabetes,


skin endear
hypoalbuminemia, neuropathy, sensory impairments, ischemia, support, etc .. BIBLIOGRAPHY Gantz NM, Brown RB, Berk SL, Esposito AL, Gleckman RA Human Animal infections following bites. In Manual of Clinical Problems in Infectious Disease. M. Nelson Gantz et al. 3rd. Ed. 1994 Finegold SM, Baron EJ encountred Microorganisms in wounds,


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